About Us

The Worldwide Hip Hop Embassy is a career and business advancement organization for those in the Hip Hop industry.  Many talented individuals in the industry have the talent yet may not have the knowledge nor guidance regarding the business side of the industry.  This is causing many to lose their rights or get into deals that may not be in their best interest.  The Hip Hop Embassy was started to ensure that those in Hip Hop have a support system for all of their needs.  This ranges from learning the business side of things, how to release their music correctly, proper representation when needed, and simply learning how to protect their rights and legacies. 

It was started to be a tool for its members to use to advance in many ways.  It was funded by the Music Embassies (A musical help organization).  It is considered the official Embassy for those in the Hip Hop industry to utilize to obtain the support, resources, guidance, music business/industry education, CEO training, and much more. Those who wish to align themselves with the Hip Hop Embassy may use the Services Division as needed or apply and get approved for membership to receive a multitude of support through sponsored member benefits.

Everyone in the Hip Hop industry may utilize this organization; established and up and coming.  It assists recording artists, record labels, producers, composers (beatmakers),  DJ’s, managers, and more.   All Music Embassies are global entities that have clients from around the world.  

Those who wish to take advantage of what HHE has to offer may simply use the services side of the organization as needed. These services include such as consulting, music industry training, music production, post-production services, mixing, mastering, distribution, one-off song publishing/protection, music video production, graphics, and more. 

Those who would like a higher level of support, guidance, and rights protection may become a member and be eligible for the Hip Hop Embassy’s representation divisions such as bookings, publishing, distribution, artist development, management assistance, and more.  There are many services, programs, projects, and divisions of this organization.  You may use one, some, or all.  The choice is always yours.

We highly recommend that those especially starting or are young in the industry,  attend our Music Industry Training whether or not you decide to use the organization or not. Understanding the business you are in is vital. Too many individuals in the Hip Hop industry have lost so much and with the proper knowledge, that loss can be eliminated.  Therefore, the Hip Hop Embassy and Music Embassies’ main mission is to educate its members and clients and those who seek assistance.  

You can learn more by visiting www.MusicEmbassies.org as well.



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