Getting Started in the Music Business

 No matter if you are or would like to become a singer, song writer, composer, producer , record label owner, musician, recording studio owner, engineer, promoter, publicist, Radio,TV  or Show presenter, MC, videographer, photographer, journalist, music website or blog owner, Manager, Management Company, Music MultiMedia specialist or anything in the Music Industry, you only need to go to one place; The Worldwide Music Embassies.  Your Official Embassies for the Music Industry!

What makes us different?  We assist you with creating, developing and advancing YOUR BRAND for career and/or business without you having to give up control nor artistic rights.   We customize a strategic plan based upon your vision not ours.  Our clients are never restricted nor limited as they may be with other companies.  We educate our clients about not only the music industry but how to run a business be a CEO of their entities.  We SAVE our clients a tremendous amount of MONEY, TIME as we reduce or even eliminate STRESS.  We are not here to build our organization up, we are here to assist you with building, branding advancing and expanding your current business and career in the music industry.  Whether you are just getting started or are established, no matter the level you are on, we can provide you with genuine assistance to take your career and business to the next level.

As previously mentioned, our organization was created to assist individuals and businesses in the music industry no matter what level you are at; new or existing.  Everything you need is available to you right here at your Music Embassies for those who are just starting up, need assistance with their current career or music business or even to expand.  We assist with projects, program, careers or even with the operations of the clients’ career or business.   We may fund projects, programs or even someone’s career or business in part or even in full. There is an Embassy for each music genre as well as a Producers Embassy, Promoters Embassy, MultiMedia Embassy and many more.

Utilize the MUSIC EMBASSIES as the tool it was developed to be.  Whether you want to use the services it offers at your leisure, use multiple divisions or even apply for consideration for The Music Embassies to partner with you.  No matter the need, we are here for you.

The Music Embassies were developed based on 7 main principles.

We are here to:

  • Assist
  • Support
  • Guide
  • Educate
  • Develop
  • Protect
  • Invest

in talented individuals, businesses and entrepreneurs.

There are three simple steps to getting started with the Music Embassies.

  1. STEP ONE – You may be required to read some information pertaining to your area of the music industry once you apply for assistance.
  2. STEP TWO – If after reading your options, you would like to use the Music Embassies Division or seek to partner with the organization in some fashion, you must attend a Mandatory Music Industry Training and Orientation.
  3. STEP THREE – Once you have done steps one and two above, you can then begin the process by choosing how you would like to utilize the Music Embassies.  You will have a reading of the agreement before you sign since we do not allow anyone to sign our agreements without going over ever line in the agreement with each and every client.

We pride our organization on being completely transparent, professional and honest.  We have been praised for having easy to read agreements that contain no fine print and the content is fair to all parties involved.


If you are a Recording Artist, Composer, Producer, Record Label Owner, Manager, or Management Company, we require that you read  Assistance Overview prior to Applying for Assistance.  It is definitely worth the time investment to read the important information.  CLICK HERE

To get started, you may fill out the necessary form to Apply for Assistance from the organization by clicking HERE.

If you have read the necessary documentation about your area of interest, you may schedule your Music Industry Training and Orientation by clicking HERE.



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